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Re: How can I make...GIF images...export bigger?

Dan Emory wrote:

<Snippage with abandon>

> Admittedly, if the original graphic is a vector-type (created, for instance,
> with Frame's drawing tools), the conversion quality is quite poor, due to
> the low resolution of GIF. But at least all graphics converted to GIF as
> described above retain their original sizes, thereby avoiding the
> mis-conversion produced by the FrameMaker 5.5.x built-in HTML converter.

I too use FrameMaker on UNIX and I too have been appalled
at some of the resulting GIFs produced when converting
Frame graphics to HTML-ready GIFs.  At the last place I worked,
I convinced upper management to avoid using HTML for our
graphics-rich service documents in favor of going to PDF for
the simple reason that right now, HTML images cannot be
magnified, and even if you save the image and zoom with
another program, such as Photoshop, the image quality is
simply atrocious.   There doesn't seem to be any clean way
of enlarging the Frame graphics during conversion to HTML.

Help of sorts MAY be on the way, however, with the introduction
of PGML (Precision Graphics Markup Language), which will allow
you to have vector images embedded in your XML documents.

See more information (the proposal, actually) at:

PGML is a "flavor" of XML, and is being developed jointly
by Adobe, IBM, Netscape and Sun Microsystems.  Since I
am both a technical writer and technical illustrator, this is
a tool about which I can get very enthused!

In the meantime, if anyone DOES have a method for increasing
the GIFs produced when converting to HTML, I'd love to hear it.


-- Tom

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