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Re: PDFs--clear text & graphics wanted


I just realized now what happened.  I sent you that post of Thomas Rengers
and was about to follow up with what's below, and somehow I never got back
to it.  I was going to try to address your problem in a more detailed post,
or offer you the document I have (but I wanted to clean it up and get the
corportate specific stuff out, hence this note getting siderailed).

Last week I wrote...
I sent you Thomas Regner's post of last week (with one correction added) so
we can use the same terminology.  But to address your question, I've got a
20 page job aid on screen captures and PDFs that I can send you if you need
a cure for insomnia.  It draws on material posted on the list for the last
two years, my own experience, some other technical sources, and one of my
graphic artist colleagues who really understands the digital world.  I
haven't read it in a long time, so maybe I should give it a quick re-read
to see if I can find any errors still lurking.  I can't claim it's 100%
error-free, but it's pretty exhaustive on the subject.

If Thomas doesn't mind, his mini-tutorial on terminology would make a good
endnote to this document.

Since this has now evolved into a project, it's best if we clean this thing
up and add some new information before it goes public.  But since you have
only recently unleashed the PDF beast in your office, it will likely be
ready in time to be of great use to you.  You'll see a post on the list as
soon as it's ready.


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