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Re: Apply Default Attribute Values

--- "Lynne A. Price" <lprice@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Shlomo,
>    Of course--having a default contradicts requiring
> a value to be specified!
I stated:
"If such an attribute is declared to be "REQUIRED",
either the EDD, the DTD, or both MAY specify a default
value (i.e, one of the specified values in the
name-token group."
What I was attempting to say (and not very well) was
the case where the DTD specifies an atttribute to be
REQUIRED, but the EDD specifies it as optional so that
a default value can be specified, which I suspect may
be what the originator of this thread was dealing
with. Clearly, that default value would not be
exported by FrameMaker, and thus an error would occur.

If the attribute is specified as OPTIONAL in both the
EDD and the DTD, and both the EDD and the DTD specify
a default value, that value should not be exported,
because the DTD should determine the default value.

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