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ANN: Run FrameMaker, plugins from command line

Omni Systems has released a free utility, runfm.exe, that 
allows you to start FrameMaker, open a book and/or file, 
run a plugin, and close FrameMaker again, all from the 
Windows command line.  While it was created to automate 
Mif2Go projects (for build processes or Scheduled Tasks), 
runfm.exe works with any plugin that accepts a command via 
the ClientCall notification.  We plan to add features, but 
will always maintain backward compatibility, as we do for 
Mif2Go.  And we will always make runfm.exe available free.

We invite other plugin creators to use this program.  Just 
tell users the ClientName of your plugin, and specify what 
you want in the string passed to the ClientCall handler. 
(We can even include that information in the Mif2Go User's 
Guide, if you wish.)

To obtain runfm.exe, download the Mif2Go demo version
(demo33u44.zip) from:

The demo includes runfm.exe, and also UserGd.hlp, the 
WinHelp version of the Mif2Go User's Guide; chapter 29 
tells how to use runfm.exe:

There is no restriction on use, and you do not have to 
license (or even try) Mif2Go.

If you already use Mif2Go, you'll find runfm.exe in the 
current upgrade (m2g33u44.zip) file; no need to download 
anything else.

Enjoy this gift of the season!

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
  <jeremy@xxxxxxxxx>  http://www.omsys.com/

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