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Re: How FM plug-in developers are losing corporate sales


You are a hoot!!!! :) And, your points are well taken. Content management tool vendros are designing solutions that address your concerns about plug-ins and third-party tools. While Adobe may be slow to adopt the functionality plug-ins provide, CM vendors are not. In fact, several vendors, including SiberLogic, are marketing their products to FrameMaker users by making the case that pug-ins and third party applications go away when you marry FrameMaker and a content management system.

Another reason to move away from the old paradigm and toward content management.

You can learn more about SiberLogic's SiberSafe (and the lack of plug-ins) from Rob Hanna's "Ask the Expert" article on FrameMaker and SiberSafe located here: http://www.siberlogic.com/framemaker/.

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On Dec 5, 2005, at 11:00 PM, hedley.finger@xxxxxxxx wrote:

As someone whose job it is to support FrameMaker in a small team of ten
writers, installing and updating a reasonable set of productivity
enhancing plug-ins is a real pain. I would rather be handcuffed and
hog-tied, then made to wriggle naked across red-hot broken glass than set
up a new writer with FM and a standard operating environment of plug-ins
and their configuration files.

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