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FM deleting files on Update Book

Has anyone experienced FM 7.1 deleting .fm files when you do an Update Book?

I'm running FM 7.1p114 installed on my local Windows 2000 machine. My FM files are on a Win2K network.

Occasionally when I update a book, the Book Error Log gives me a series of unresolved cross-ref errors to a particular file, followed by "Cannot save ..." that file. Both the file and its backup.fm file are then GONE from my network folder.

(In the Update Book dialog, I check all boxes and generate both a TOC and IX. Neither of the generated files is the missing file.)

The really scary part is that this seems completely random. Update Book usually works perfectly for me. This has happened only three times (as if that's not enough) since we started using FM several months ago. I can't identify any pattern or trigger. It does not always happen to the same file, and I can't duplicate it intentionally.

Adobe tech support is looking at my files now. They've been very nice, but they say they have never come across this before.

Any ideas?



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