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Re: Merge lists?

The third list is already running, Rick -- sign up for Adobe's FM user forum.
;- )


On 11/23/05, Rick Quatro <frameexpert@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The only way the lists would "merge" is by people voting with their feet.
> For example, if someone set up a Framers group on Yahoo and people joined
> that and unsubscribed from the others, the other lists may eventually die.
> But it is risky to unsubscribe from a list if there may still be action on
> it. In other words, a single list is a good idea, but I doubt it is going to
> happen.
> Speaking for myself, if there were a third list started, I would join it and
> still remain with the other two.
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> http://www.frameexpert.com

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