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Merge lists?


I'm just going to throw this out and see what comes of it .. being relatively new to both of these lists, I don't have the history to know any better.

In a perfect world, is there really a need for both of these lists (FrameUsers and Framers)? Are most people actually on both lists (except for those who have a grudge against one or the other moderator)? If we all set aside any personal differences and pride, would there be any problem with just having one list?

It seems like most questions about FrameMaker are sent to both lists, which is a needless waste of bandwidth, disk space, and personal time to delete the duplicates. Sure, I can just subscribe to one of the lists and pretend that the issue doesn't exist, but then .. "what if" I miss something *important* on the other list?

I don't know about the logistics of merging the two lists .. obviously, it would have to be some sort of opt-in thing .. don't want to force anyone to do anything they don't want to do. Perhaps, it would just be a matter of setting up a new list, telling people about it so they can sign up or not, then close down the other two lists (we don't want to end up with three lists). It would be great if the moderators of the current lists could be co-moderators (remember, this is the "perfect world").

I know of all sorts of reasons that this is a *good* idea .. I'd like to hear reasons why it's not. Perhaps there really is a good reason to have two lists that provide the same service to the same people.

Or .. we can just leave things as they are .. perhaps I'm just nuts. :)



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