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Re: Censorship alive and well on frameusers

Sorry, Art, but you are incorrect about the Techwr-l list being
"tightly moderated". It is an unmoderated list. Lisa does monitor
the list fairly closely (as did the previous list administrators)
because it has a long history of quickly veering deeply (and
often passionately) off-topic, but what she does is after-the-fact
monitoring rather than before-the-fact moderation.

From: Art Campbell <art.campbell@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Thomas Michanek <framers@xxxxxxxxx>
CC: Bill Swallow <techcommdood@xxxxxxxxx>, framers@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Censorship alive and well on frameusers
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 13:54:30 -0500

My reply to Hedley's original was held for moderator approval by framers.com.
I figured screw it, and killed the post.

Just in passing... in the default install of Mailman, moderation is
not turned on.
Although one of Mailman's nicer features is the ability to turn
moderation on for
individual list members, rather than throwing the entire list into
moderated mode
(although you can, of course, do that).

Also, again just in passing. Lisa and her company are the owners of the Tech
Writer's list too, and that is very tightly moderated.


On 11/22/05, Thomas Michanek <framers@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> To a certain degree, I can agree with Bill that maybe the messages
> in this topic are a bit premature. Maybe things simply haven't
> settled down yet, and things will improve.
> On the other hand, the concerns raised are very much valid.
> Needless to say, I won't consider re-subscribing to FrameUsers
> until Lisa adress them somehow.
> And Bill, don't you think it's odd that the *only* message in
> this thread that apparently made it through to the FrameUsers
> list (according to the new archive) is your own, which just
> happens to be the message with no criticism? Or could you
> confirm that the other five messages were actually posted
> to FrameUsers?
> /Thomas
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Bill Swallow" <techcommdood@xxxxxxxxx>
> To: <framers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>; <framers@xxxxxxxxx>
> Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 4:41 PM
> Subject: Re: Censorship alive and well on frameusers
> > Wow.
> >
> > I saw the list transition as transparent, save for a "moderated"
> > message once and only once. I asked Lisa about it privately and she
> > told me it was a one-time deal due to moving over to the new list
> > platform.
> >
> > Sounded fair to me.

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