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Re: Censorship alive and well on frameusers

Well Hedley,

As much as I admire your spirit... framers is a privately owned commercial
list, and the owners are the owners. As they say in the US (well, some of us
say): "Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one."
A. J. Liebling

And censorship works very well; your message wouldn't have gotten through
if there hadn't been another "press" available. (Thanks, Jeremy!)

And Mailman... I think it's a great little program. Open source. Free.
Maybe the archiving isn't as good as Yahoo's, but you don't have the
penalty of having your address broadcast either.


On 11/21/05, hedley.finger@xxxxxxxx <hedley.finger@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> All:
> I expressed my dismay at the move to the dreaded usability-challenged
> mailman list manager in <
> http://lists.frameusers.com/pipermail/framers/2005-November/000005.html>.
> At the time, I did not realise that frameusers was already live on
> mailman.  When I followed up with a comment on my original post, it was
> censored.  Did I include a photocopy of my bum?  No.  Did I imply that
> George Bush was less than fit to rule the known universe?  No.  Did I
> suggest that child molestation was a victim of bad press?  No.
> I just expressed my feelings about an archive interface that is less
> usable than, say, Yahoo! Groups.  You can read it at <
> http://www.freeframers.org/archive/05/msg00707.html>, on a list manager
> only slightly more friendly than mailman.
> Why didn't the moderators ask the list about a suitable replacement for
> Lyris.  There are heaps out there.  From this doomed attempt at
> censorship, one might imagine that they think the list is their personal
> property.  It's not -- the list exists and obtains its value from the
> presence and contributions of all its subscribers.
> Hey, guys, read The Cluetrain Manifesto at <http://www.cluetrain.org/>.
> Censorship doesn't work any more.  And it should only be applied to
> serious cases, not because your noses might be out of joint.
> Regards,
> Hedley

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               and a redheaded girl." -- Richard Thompson
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