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Fw: ADMIN Announcing Framers on Mailman!

Omigod!  I didn't realise it was active yet.  It's <
http://lists.frameusers.com/pipermail/framers/> just as bad as I feared.

----- Forwarded by Hedley Finger/AU/MYOB on 21/11/2005 05:19 PM -----


"How will this affect you?"  Good question; it will probably drive me 
nuts.  All the mailman lists I have seen look more or less like <

Yes, folks, the archives are grouped by month.  No way to see a continuous 
scrolling list of articles by date or thread or subject, ACROSS month 
boundaries.  No way to search the archives.

Sure hope the frameusers list is going to be a lot more usable than the 
example I've given, typical of all the mailman lists I have seen.  It 
would be fascinating to hear what Jakob Nielsen or Alan Cooper would have 
to say about the usability of mailman.  Oh well, guess we can all go to 
Yahoo! Groups which has had a lot of thought put into its interface.


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