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Questions for Chautauqua attendees

I attended the FM Chautauqua conference last week, and I'm preparing
summaries for different audiences, hopefully including the crowd on
this mailing list :-)

For those of you who also was there, I'd like to check a few things
concerning what the Adobe representatives said, in their presentations
or in private conversations. I know the organizers are planning to
make a video/DVD available, but I need to get a few things straight
during this week. If you prefer, you can email me at "thomas.michanek"
(at) "comhem.se", and I'll promise to summarize all replies to the list
(unless you say otherwise in private email).

* Did you take electronic notes from Karl Matthew's keynote that you
  can share with me?
* There were several references to emerging new media and/or rich media. Was
  this the same as "new asset types" like 3-D drawings, video and Flash animation?
* Karl talked about "new focus on growing the business" for FM. What did
  you interpret this as meaning? Increased marketing for FM, going into new
  markets besides technical pusblishing, adressing the competition, or what?
* What exactly did he say regarding platform support for Mac and Linux?
  My own notes are not clear on this...
* I do not remember Karl saying much about any focus on fixing long-standing
  annoyances in FM. Did he address this at all?
* Karl said something about "think outside the box" for the future.
  What was that about?
* Anything else you heard from Adobe regarding FM's future or market?

I don't wish to start speculations on the future of FM or publishing
in this thread, but merely clearing out what Karl or Michael Hu said,
officially or not.

Thanks in advance,
Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Communicator, Linkoping, Sweden

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