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RE: Including EPS files in a Framemaker document using MIF

James Etchells wrote:
--> <Aframe
-->  <BRect 0 0 5" 3.5">
-->  <ImportObject
-->   <ImportObFileDI `<c\>data_node_93310.eps'>
-->  >
--> >

Hi James,

in your first example, where is the image located? The above path points to
the same folder as the MIF file. Is that correct?

Furthermore, when using FM 5.5 on UNIX you might require the UNIX-style path
with ImportObFile (not only the device-independent ImportObFileDI) which is
deprecated for FM 6.0 and later versions, but FM 5.5 might insist on it. 

Otherwise, the following statement works with FM 7.1 on Windows...

   <ImportObFileDI `<c\>gfx<c\>comp_IMap.EPS'>
   <BRect  -0.00824" -0.03234" 0.39583" 0.42361">
   > # end of ImportObject

Marcus Baake

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