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ANN: IndexRef 1.3 now available

Version 1.3 of IndexRef for FrameMaker is now available.

Notable in this release:
- Much faster search algorithm that is also more accurate.
- Errors are written to the FrameMaker book error log and are hyperlinked directly to the problem entry.

IndexRef fixes "See" and "See also" entries in FrameMaker indexes so they link to the proper targets within the index, instead of to pages in the FrameMaker document. The links work properly in PDF and in certain online help systems generated with products like Mif2Go and Web Works Publisher. IndexRef is fully compatible with IXgen and Index Tools Professional.

The upgrade is free for all existing users of IndexRef. Purchase price is $25.00 USD or $28.00 CAD. A free 30 day trial version is available.

For details, visit www.sundorne.com/IndexRef/indexref.htm.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to write to me directly.

Ian Hawkins
Sundorne Communications

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