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RE: installing FM 6.0 AND FM 7.1

Sorry - I replied to Jon individually instead of the entire list.

- Lester 

-----Original Message-----
From: Lester C. Smalley 
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 11:18 AM
To: 'Harvey, JonX'
Subject: RE: installing FM 6.0 AND FM 7.1

On Tuesday, November 08, 2005 10:40 AM, Harvey, JonX wrote:

|  Hi all,
|  I need to install full-blown versions of FM 6.0 and FM 7.1  on my Win

| XP Pro machine. (7.1 is our team standard, but I  still need 6.0 for 
| other reasons). I've already installed  Acrobat 7.0 on the machine.
|  Here's the question, which should I install first, 6.0 or  7.1? Or, 
| does it even make a difference?
|  Thanks in advance.................Jon

It absolutely makes a difference in Windows - the last version installed
becomes the default application to open .fm, .mif and .book files.  So,
if the standard is v7.1, install v6.0 first, then install v7.1.

You will be able to run either version from the "start" menu (or if you
create icons on the desktop) but to open a file in FrameMaker 6 you will
have to use the File->Open command from within the program - you will
not be able to do so by double-clicking on the file name in an explorer

- Lester
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