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Re: A new type of PDF

I thought Solaris only supported Acrobat Reader 5. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, that kind of form has been around for a long time in Windows.
For Acrobat 7, and Reader 7 only, you can actually mark up PDFs for
purposes of review.

If a version of reader greater than 7 is available for Solaris, please
Edumacate me, because I need one.

On 10/21/05, Craig Ede <craigede@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As I recall Frame 7 Solaris came with a "headless" version of Distiller. You
> might look for a discussion on this under my name in the Framers archives
> circa 2003. I'm not sure exactly what this gives you in terms of control of
> the Acrobat output, but there might be some more in depth discussion in the
> archives that describes exactly what you're giving up by just using the
> headless Acrobat version that comes with Frame 7 (or 7.1). I'd be interested
> in hearing the full answer since I'm not longer have access to the Solaris
> platform to test this myself. It'd also be nice to know exactly what the
> Solaris Acrobat versions are coming with 7.1 and 7.2. I seem to remember
> that 7.0 had a headless version of v5.0 Distiller, but I may be
> misremembering.


Remember, this is online. Take everything with a mine of salt and a grin.

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