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Re: FrameMaker 7.1 drops all referenced graphics in anchored frames

Hi Hedley,

I am not familiar with VSS, but with no grey boxes, the graphics may not be
missing, but shifted beyond the boundaries of the containing anchored frame.
Select one of the anchored frames, and select Edit > Select All In Frame.
Then try to select Graphics > Object Properties. If the command is greyed
out then the frame is empty; otherwise, the graphic is in the frame, but
cropped out of view.

In rare cases, I have see this happen when a FrameMaker document is opened.
One or more of the graphics will be "moved" beyond the edge of the anchored
frame when they are filtered.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> All:
> A colleague recently generated a PDF from a book file, then checked all
> files into VSS.
> When files were opened by various team members to begin working on the
> release, all graphics imported by reference throughout all files in the
> book were missing -- no graphics, no grey rectangles, nothing.
> Fortunately no-one had actually done any work on the files and we were
> to roll back in VSS to check out good files.
> Has anybody else had this experience, what was the cause, and what the
> remedy?
> FrameMaker 7.1p114, Acrobat 6.0.1
> Regards,
> Hedley
> P.S.  LIST RAGE:  I hesitated to ask a question which may have been
> answered hundreds of times before.  But trying to search the archives of
> FrameUsers' framers is like poking a stick in your eye.  How hard would it
> be for Lyris to provide boolean searches so I can enter "
> (graphics|shots|dumps) & (disappear|lost|gone|removed) "?  As it is, I
> searched just for " graphics " and the result was a blank web page.  Thank
> Lyris.  Can we just move the whole thing to Yahoo! Groups?
> --
> Hedley Finger
> Technical Communications Tools & Processes Specialist
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> Australia
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