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upgrade pricing

Adobe is a messed up company.

FrameMaker 7.0 upgrade price is $349. I bought 2X last week.

FrameMaker 7.1 upgrade price is $199. This week, this is the only version
listed on the web site. It is not yet shipping.

Here is the rationale about the price differences from their FAQ:

Q. Why is the price for an upgrade different to what it was before?
A. The upgrade price for FrameMaker 7.0 based on the amount of new
functionality a FrameMaker 6.0 user
will receive. That release included a complete structured authoring
environment and XML capabilities.
The upgrade price for FrameMaker 7.1 is based on the amount of new
functionality a FrameMaker 7.0
user will receive. FrameMaker 7.1 is a minor release compared to FrameMaker
7.0, and therefore has a
lower upgrade price.

Q. Must I have FrameMaker 7.0 before I can upgrade to FrameMaker 7.1?
A. The FrameMaker 7.1 upgrade is available to any customer owning a valid
license for any previous version
of FrameMaker, including FrameMaker 7.0, FrameMaker 6.0, FrameMaker+SGML
6.0, FrameMaker
5.5.6 and FrameMaker+SGML 5.5.6, as well as any older version of FrameMaker
that has not already
been used to purchase an upgrade license.

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