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Re: error in book file

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> > From: Cathleen Janos [mailto:cjanos@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> > I just had one of my book files crash due to an error. It created a
> > recovery file, which is fine, and I have been working with that.
> > However, I have tried to add that recovered file to my book and it will
> > not allow me to add it. Do I need to rename the file? Any suggestions?
> From: "Michael Coryn" <Michael.Coryn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I suggest you open the crash recovery file and perform a Save As command
> to overwrite your original file. Your most recent changes will be in the
> recovery file, so no problem there...

This is actually not such a good advice...
A recovery file is an *attempt* by FM to save the current file when it
crashes. In most cases FM succeeds, but sometimes the file becomes
incomplete or corrupted in some way. Before attempting to continue
working with a recovery file, and certainly before overwriting the last
good copy of the file, you are advised to carefully look through and
run a Compare Documents against the last copy. When you are assured
the contents is OK, rename the file and continue editing it, but keep
a copy of the original (just in case you missed something).

Autosave files, on the other hand, are always "safe" to work with.

Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Communicator, Uppsala, Sweden

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