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RE: Apparently Email Forwarding's Usefulness has Sort of Ended

Chuck Hastings wrote: 
> Hello Richard,
> Thanks for your more temperate observations this time
> around.  <snip> 

Ummm, OK. You're welcome, I guess. But I thought I'd explained my previous message, and it wasn't due to being intemperate (unless you define intemperate as "being a wise-a**"). 

I won't comment on most of the rest of your post, since it's either beside the point or I've already addressed it and we just disagree. But I'll try once more to correct a misperception: 

> It's ONLY on Outlook that a forwarded email requires opening
> another window to read.  In no way is THAT  `more advanced'
> behavior more useful!  Progress??

That's the case *only* if the sender forwarded the email _as_an_attachment_, instead of in-line (as part of the _body_ of the message being sent). _The_sender_ can choose whether to forward a message _as_an_attachment_ or in the body of the message (or _ought_ to be able to). Outlook, quite properly, IMNSHO, presents what the sender sent. 

I'm quite familiar with this because I frequently forward messages from work to home, and vice versa (Outlook 2000 on both ends). My default setting is to forward in-line, but occasionally I forward a message as an attachment (preserving the headers is one reason). At the receiving end, I get _what_I_sent_ -- either a single message with the forwarded text in the body, or a message with the forwarded message attached. No "translucent lines" indicating where the email reader overrode my choice of what to send. 

If Netscape doesn't let _you_decide_ whether to forward a message _as_an_attachment_ or not, or if it hides the nature of attachments from you so that you don't understand them, my sympathies. :-)


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Voyant Technologies, Inc.
richardDOTcombs AT voyanttechDOTcom
rgcombs AT freeDASHmarketDOTnet


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