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Re: Keeping font overrides in crossreferece <$paratext>

Mike H. wrote:
> Your original article has expired from our news server. But from memory
> of what you were asking, this document might help you:
> http://www.microtype.com/resources/FTPreserveFmtRHF.pdf

Hi, Mike,

The article's suggestion is somewhat along the lines of
Neil G.'s suggestion of using font families that have
italicized versions as different fonts from the non-
italicized version.  The solution is applicable to
cases when the author is using a font that satisfies
this condition.  Thank you for pointing out the article.

There is also Thomas M.'s suggestion of generating a
list of paragraphs, which preserves all formatting
that corresponds to a *single* character format tag.

As well, Peter G. suggested creating seperate text
flows for each paragraph to be cross-referenced.
These paragraphs can then be imported as text insets,
which preserve all formatting.


P.S.  Posted to:
Fred Ma
Dept. of Electronics, Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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