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Re: PROFOUND AND SCARY OBSERVATIONS [Fwd: Framemakerisperfect, therefor it's dead]

It's no big deal. I had a look at the forwarded message and it shows 
as multipart, so maybe it had an HTML or rich text part when you sent 
it. I know our local MUG list server rejects multipart MIME messages 
when they have rich text or HTML encoded parts that appear to the 
list server as an attachment. It didn't have anything to do with the 
act of forwarding, but the way messages that carry formatting 
(anything that's not plain text) are constructed in multiple parts by 
the sending mail client.

- web

At 6:51 PM -0800 07/12/03, Chuck Hastings wrote:
>OK, Framers, I'll try this another way.
>a message.  And it went out through my daily-updated
>Norton AntiVirus.  Not to worry.
>Apparently Richard Comb's' software defenses are
>unable to distinguish a forwarded message from an
>attachment.  Bill Briggs seems to have something
>different in place, in his system.
>I was unaware that FORWARDING emails to the
>Free Framers list was also an illegal operation.  Is it,
>This time around I just EMBEDDED my son's message,
>instead of forwarding it.  I hope that any of you who
>received it OK the first time will forgive the repetition.
>Richard, you're obviously quite free to  <snip>  this
>message also, if you're moved to do so.

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