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Re: Rumour: FM really is dead

Becky Swanson wrote:

> word from Adobe's FM Product Manager, Karl Matthews, is that there is
> no truth at all to this rumor that FM is dead. I've asked for permission 
> forward his email to the group, but they haven't woken up yet in CA.

In that case, you're doing better than I am. I wrote to Denise
Styerwalt, the contact person on the original FM7.1 announcement,
asking for clarification on MacOS support & haven't heard back
from her.

One thing that's become obvious: Adobe PR needs to have Apple PR
teach them how to handle an external rumor mill.

Larry Kollar, Senior Technical Writer, ARRIS
"Content creators are the engine that drives
value in the information life cycle."
    -- Barry Schaeffer, on XML-Doc

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