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RE: Rumour: FM really is dead

You wouldn't believe the crappy tools that commercial book publishers use
or their inefficient workflow.  If Adobe merges FrameMaker into InDesign,
they will absolutely obliterate Quark Xpress, Publisher  and all the other
so-called desktop publishing apps.  But to really sew up the book
publishing market, they need to develop a replacement for Cindex, Sky
Index, etc. that is just as fast but embeds the index entries in the
InDesign document (not in a separate file as these tools do), so that
repaginating -- perhaps for a paperback or landscape editions with multiple
columns -- re-uses the markers.  Take a look at the feature set of IXgen,
Index Tools Pro, IndexRef, etc. AND Cindex, Sky Index, etc. and these
pretty much define what InDesign must do to take over the known universe.

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