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Re: Rumour: FM really is dead

At 9:03 PM -0500 04/12/03, Fred Ma wrote:
>The baffling thing is that Adobe doesn't consider FM
>worthwhile.  How can that be?  We live in a capitalist
>environment.  There is no product (that I know of, not
>that I'm any final authority) that even begins to
>rival FM for technical composition.

  I've wondered that myself. We have all seen the list of corporate 
clients, including IBM, Boeing, Apple, the Pentagon, Nortel (used to 
have 25,000 seats licenced when I worked there) and many others. How 
can it not be a money maker? After the demise of Interleaf there is 
no competition. Word is a joke. With Unicode support for FrameMaker 
it would be a no brainer. I just don't understand Adobe's thinking. 
Maybe it's an old code base, but the future is much longer, and 
owning this particular market has to be worth money.

- web

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