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Re: [SOLVED]: FrameMaker and loose-leaf publications: disconnected pages

> > "Freeze Pagination" and "Point Pages" (Esc+p+z) is indeed
> > an "undocumented" FrameMaker feature. Or, at least,
> > "undocumented" in the FrameMaker 7 user documentation. It
> > is described in my (very) old FrameMaker 3 for Mac OS
> > manual and apparently, is has become "undocumented" since FM 5.5.x.
> Just be very careful using it. The reason it is now undocumented is that it
> doesn't really work as advertised once tables and frames are used.

I'd like to add that that it also breaks the paragraph autonumbering.
Since each added point page becomes a separate flow, every numbering
you have in the form of steps, headings, figures, etc. will reset
and have to be set manually by using overrides.

So, it's useful for text-only contents without autonumbering that
don't break across page boundaries. Exactly the type of documents
you'd use FM for, right? :-)

Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Communicator, Uppsala, Sweden

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