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Re: Keeping font overrides in crossreferece <$paratext>

"Neil Gould" <neil@myplaceofwork.com> wrote in message
> Recently, Dave Hayes
> <david.spamnotyeofgreedydisposition.hayes@tigress.co.uk> posted:
> (heavily snipped for brevity)
> > A bit more research seems to show that if properly tagged, Symbol,
> > superscript, and subscript come through, but not italic.
> >
> > You can get both symbol and super/subscript to come through
> > simultaneously if the source text has a character tag that has both
> > of these attributes. You'll need to use a dedicated character tag for
> > superscripted symbol and one for subscripted symbol. It won't work if
> > you try to apply two character tags (one symbol, the other
> > superscript) to the same text. Text can only have one character tag
> > at a time, even though it might *look* like it has two character tags
> > if you apply two character tags.
> >
> > Shame that italic doesn't come through at all, as this is in
> > widespread use to indicate variables in mathematical texts.
> >
> Why not use an italic font, instead of an italicized font, in your
> character tag's definition? It should be act in the same manner as Symbol.
> Regards,

Neil, Dave,

The problem remains that the cumulative effect of several
character tags (each with possibly many As-Is fields) are not
retained in cross-references.  One has to create a separate,
single character tag for each combination of character format
attributes It is do-able, but the number of combinations grows
very quickly with the number of attributes used.  Also, it is not
very convenient to apply.

This solution can help in a pinch, or when one doesn't use many
combinations of formating attributes, and if one doesn't
alternate between tags too much (as may be required if one cannot
overlap text with different tags).  It seems simpler, however, to
work around the need for duplicating all of a paragraph's text in
a cross-reference.

Alternatively, there's Thomas's and Peter's suggestion, which
I'll report on when I've given it a try.


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