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How to get figure counter to reset by itself


I have a question about resetting figure counters.
It's not a critical capability I'm asking about, more
of a convenience and safety feature.  I've read the
help on how to reset counters e.g. in going from
chapter 2 to 3, the figures are numbered Figure 2.11
followed by Figure 3.1.  For example, my paragraph
numbering format is

	"F:Figure <$chapnum>.<n+>. "

Contrary to what one might expect, n does not
reset to zero when chapnum changes.  Instead,
figures are successively numbered 2.11 followed by

I realize that I can explicitly reset n
by using <n=1>, but that means the caption for
Figure 3.1 must differ from the default paragraph
format.  Since the first figure in every chapter
needs special treatment, it is not as care-free to
change the order of figures.  Every time the first
figure changes, the figure captions must change in
the old and new first figures.

I realize also that I can embed the counter reset
in the first Body paragraph of the chapter:

	F:< =0>

But this isn't elegant because a figure numbering
function is associated with a paragraph that has
nothing to do with the first figure (or possibly any
other figure).  It is also precarious because the
figure numbering reset function can be unknowingly
obliterated by edits that result in the first Body
paragraph losing its override to reset the figure
counter.  Likewise, if that paragraph is copied or
moved elsewhere, the figure counter will also get
reset at the new location (most likely not the
intended result).

Is there a way to have FM automatically reset the
figure counter n whenever the chapter changes?  I
mean without special overrides in the first figure
caption, or by embedding the counter reset function
in some otherwise unrelated paragraph.



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