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Re: Visual artifact in displaying regular text

Mark wrote:
> Have you checked your video driver to make sure it's up to date and it
> matches the actual hardware?  Same thing for the monitor: Windows should
> have the real INF files for the monitor, rather than the default generic
> plug-and-play.
> Also, is this just Arial?

Yes, it's just arial.  But it seems to happen only on some
text lines.  For example, if you have a fresh portrait
document, redefine Body as having 11-point arial, and set
zoom to 90%.  Starting at the top of a fresh page 1, type
a series of "j"s followed by return.  The first line is OK.
The 2nd line is not.  3rd line is OK.  4th line is not.
Thereafter, the lines seem fine.  If you go back to the
bad 2nd and 4th lines and double-click the j's (select the
word) and type new j's in their place, you see bits of the
old j's left lying around.  Fortunately, it seems to be
restricted to the 2nd and 4th lines so far as I can tell
for now.  I haven't been able to duplicate the problem with
(say) Time New Roman.

As for drivers, monitors, INF, and plug-and-play, I have to
admit to being not a very Windowsy person.  I'm more of a
solaris person, and I've done a bit of web reading on INF
files and the registry.  Enough to realize that it is
not an option for me to learn about all that's required
(at least right now) to investigate that path.  In the course
of troubleshooting, though, I've tried it on desktop and a
laptop.  I suspect that the laptop drivers are right, since
Win2K was installed from scratch based on Dell support
instructions and drivers.  Since the monitor is a built-in
TFT screen specific to the laptop model, there isn't much
room for getting it wrong (though it is remotely possible).

A more telling clue hints that it may not be a driver
problem.  That clue is that the problem only shows itself on
the 2nd and 4th lines on the page.  No matter what the vertical
scroll position of the page is.  So the problem is not dependent
on the position on the screen.


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