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Re: Deleting (REALLY deleting) conditional text

John Biederman wrote:
> A couple people have helpfully suggested manually deleting the conditional
> text tag (Special > Conditional Text, select the tag, click Edit Condition
> Tag, click Delete).
> However, I've got 35 files in my book and 6 conditional tags. The process in
> question is used 4 times (4 sets of output files) every time the files are
> updated. For each set of output files, I have to delete 2 to 4 condition
> tags.
> 35 x 6 x 3 (on average) = 630 operations every time I have to generate the 4
> sets of output files. As you can see, I'd greatly prefer something that
> operates on the entire book at once.
> Thanks,
> John B.
What you need is FDK or one of the wrappers to it, say Framescript.
These are designed for automating these sorts of well defined but 
repetitive tasks.


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