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Text inset by reference losing its grip

A colleague has a Frame doc with many many text inserts (standard paras 
held on a server), created in FM6.

In FM7, he opened the doc and saved it with a new name to create a 
variant. But after taking the master doc on a business trip and putting 
it back in its original home, it claims all the inserts have a creation 
date of 1970 and that they are no longer FM documents. It requires that 
they all be re-inserted.

Is there any way to avoid re-linking to every insert?

Thanks for any guidance

Mark Barratt
Text Matters
phone +44 (0)118 986 8313
fax +44 (0)118 931 3743
email markb@textmatters.com
web http://www.textmatters.com

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