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Re: PhrameMaker 7.0 Phont Phunnies, and regular crashes

At 7/1/2003 01:49 AM, Chris wrote:
>I think one issue is, don't use ATM with XP or Win 2000.  As I recall, Microsoft finally shook hands with Adobe, and now handles fonts in a reasonable way.  I believe Dov (contributor from Adobe) has adamantly said that ATM is a bad idea on those platforms.
>I also believe that picking up fonts from your printer driver is a thing of the past.  I'm a bit stupid about these things (font things, that is) but I believe you now need to actually have the font installed.  Then, if your printer can't support the font (non-PS printer), your driver affects the display on top of that.  But I don't think you can count on drivers to give you free fonts any more.  (Somebody PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!)
>Chris Despopoulos, maker of CudSpan Freeware...
>Plugins to Enhance FrameMaker & FrameMaker+SGML

Dov NEVER, repeat NEVER adamantly or in any other way said that
"ATM is a bad idea on those platforms."

What Dov did say was (1) do not use any version of ATM earlier
than 4.1 with Windows 2000 or XP, (2) that ATM Light or Deluxe 4.1
is absolutely necessary with Windows 2000 or XP IF you use Multiple
Master Type 1 fonts, and that (3) ATM Deluxe 4.1 is indeed useful
if you want "font management functions" for Type 1, TrueType, and
OpenType fonts under Windows 2000 or XP.

Print drivers don't and never did provide "free fonts." Some
printer manufacturers have in the past and continue now to 
deliver "host-based" versions of the fonts "resident" in the
printer for installation on your desktop system for purposes
of composing documents with the allegedly same font used for

Dov has repeatedly and adamantly offered the suggestion that for
PostScript printer PPD files under Windows 2000 or XP, you edit
the PPD file to only have one font specified as printer-resident,
that of Courier. Specifics of this have been published on this
list and are available as a "READ ME" at the start of the
Adobe User-to-User Forum for FrameMaker.

        - Dov (still on vacation, but back on Wednesday night, and
                who hates to be misquoted!)

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