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distilling from Frame: problem with fonts?

I am running Win XP with older versions of Frame (5.5.6) and Acrobat.
Distilling smaller files from Frame had been working fine. But recently I've
found that I can't distill (my PC crashes - no error message is received).
No error log files are produced in Acrobat at all, because it seems to crash
before any distilling starts.

When I use PDFWriter, to test the postscripting, I get a message from
PDFWriter "can't subset [trajan / regular / other eg of font name ]
printing failed".

I have the latest universal driver from the Adobe site, and have ATM 4.1.2.

This sounds like a font problem which prevents distilling from working -- 
and yet it works on smaller files.

Any help much appreciated in advance!

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