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ANN: KnowHow ProServices FrameMaker Training Classes in MountainView, CA, week of June 23

KnowHow ProServices announces FrameMaker classes in Mountain View, CA

We have seats remaining in our upcoming FrameMaker+SGML class "Authoring
Structured Documents," on Monday and Tuesday, June 23 & 24.

More information on this class is at:

Whether you're working in FM+SGML, or the structured interface of
  the current FrameMaker 7, authors working in structured documents use the
  same FrameMaker structure tools - the Element Catalog and the Structure

Additional information about the KnowHow ProServices division of HighSoft,
Inc, is at: http://www.knowhowpro.com

****** OTHER CLASSES DURING THE WEEK OF JUNE 23 - 27, 2003 *******

On Wednesday through Friday, June 25-27, we can schedule one of the
following one-day and two-day classes, depending on registrations:

* FrameMaker+SGML "Defining EDDs" (two-days)
   Information at: http://www.knowhowpro.com/publishing_204.htm

Whether you're working in FM+SGML, or the structured interface of
  the current FrameMaker 7, defining Element Definition Documents (EDDs)
  for both of these FrameMaker releases employ the same tools and

* Basic FrameMaker (two days)
   Information at: http://www.knowhowpro.com/publishing_101.htm

* Intermediate FrameMaker (two days)
   Information at: http://www.knowhowpro.com/publishing_201.htm

* FrameMaker Advanced (one day)
   Information at: http://www.knowhowpro.com/publishing_202.htm

Please reply to this email if you are interested in registering for these


Peter Gold
               KnowHow ProServices division of HighSoft, Inc.
Adobe Certified Expert: FrameMaker 7, FrameMaker+SGML Authoring, Acrobat 5,
InDesign 2
WebWorks Professional Certified trainer
Voice: 650-691-0701    Toll-free outside S. F. Bay Area: 800-795-6066
FAX: 650-691-0995

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