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Re: Michanek's procedures to locate missing fonts

Thanks, Jim & Lester, for chiming in.

My response follows below.

Jim S. wrote:
> Did you search Reference and Master pages?

Lester S. wrote:
> Normally, FrameMaker's F&R tool won't find
> unavailable fonts if they are used via overrides or
> formats deleted but 'hidden' as is the case with the
> formats associated with table designs, but searching
> the MIF file should find those.  Also if there is any
> conditional text that is not visible, F&R ignores it,
> but again it should be located in searching the MIF
> file.
> One place that FrameMaker can not search nor will
> examining the MIF file reveal is fonts referenced
> within graphics (such as EPS) and these will not show
> up in the MIF file either. If you have graphics in
> the document, this might be the culprit.  Also
> FrameMaker can not 'disremember' these font instances
> - you have to correct the graphic itself to solve the
> problem, either by changing the font to an available
> one or embedding the font in the image.
> One hint - what is on the page that is reported in
> the List of Fonts?  This could include the associated
> master page, or any graphics incorporated either on
> the body page itself or from a reference page via
> frame above/frame below settings.  (Or did I
> misunderstand and the LOFonts does not show Symbol
> Bold?)

Jim, I searched Reference, Master, and Body
pages.  But I found the problem.  I should have
made sure to remember missing fonts rather than
making sure to not remember missing fonts.  Some
brain cells short-circuited and I thought FM
would not remember the font substitutions if I
told it to not remember missing fonts.  I can
search for Symbol Bolded and find instances of
that font, though it still doesn't show up in
the list of references for fonts, nor in the MIF

Funny how the offending font shows up as "Symbol
Bolded" in windows, and "Symbol Bold" in Unix.
In neither system does Bolded show up as a weight.
Not that it matters at this point.

Lester, the Find/Change utility found the offending
fonts even though the text was a text line within
an anchored frame.  FYI.

Thank you both again.

Fred Ma, fma@doe.carleton.ca
Carleton University, Dept. of Electronics
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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