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Michanek's procedures to locate missing fonts

Hello, again,

It's probably obvious that I'm doing major thesis proposal
writing right now.  I must have used the forum a dozen
times in a few days.

I am running into snags following Michanek's procedure to
banish unavailable fonts:

I'd like to locate these fonts.  The solaris xterm says
the offending font is "Symbol Bold".  I set the
preferences to not remember missing fonts and opened
the document.  From within the document, I confirmed
that the missing fonts would not be remembered.

I tried generating a list of references for the fonts.
There is no such font.  Though I do have Symbol fonts.
An attempt to find Symbol*Bold also turns up nothing.

I tried the Find/Change window.  I searched for a
character format, pressed shift-F8 to set everything to
As-Is, and chose Symbol family (there is no Symbol Bold
family).  I made sure the weight was Bold.  This did
not turn up anything in the Body, Master, or reference

I saved the file as MIF and did a text search for
Symbol Bold.  Nothing came up.  I also searched for
Symbol.*Bold, which in vim searches for any line in
which the word Bold follows the word Symbol.  Nothing
came up.

I even tried Symbol\_.*Bold, which searches for Symbol
followed by Bold, not necessarily on the same line.
But the result was too confusing because there are too
many lines in between.

Regardless of whether I open the file from the book
window or from the list of references for fonts, I
always get told that Symbol Bold will be replaced by
Symbol.  Could that be the reason that I can't find the
font, even though the nonbold Symbol is not remembered
upon saving?  I'm inclined to think not because these
methods of locating the offending font are from the web
page.  The same advice was given in response a posting
of mine from years past.

Thanks in advance for feedback on this.  I've sent this
to comp.text.frame, framers@omsys.com, and

Fred Ma, fma@doe.carleton.ca
Carleton University, Dept. of Electronics
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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