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extra line spacing with conditional text

I ran into a behavior yesterday that I found strange.  I'm using FrameMaker6+SGML on Windows2000.
I use conditional text for certain names in my document, and I see extra space above and below lines that contain conditional text.  I've tried a few obvious things like reapplying the paragraph style to the paragraph, but the only thing I've found that makes the extra space go away is deleting the conditional text (which isn't a good solution, in my opinion.)
Is this normal?  Is there a way to solve it?  Is there something about the conditional text settings that adds this extra line space?   In the "Edit Condition Tag" dialog, I set the Condition Indicators as follows:  Style is "As Is" and Color is either "Green" or "Red", depending on the condition tag.
My use of the tags is that I have "Name1Name2", where "Name1" is tagged with one type of condition tag, and "Name2" is tagged with the other condition tag.  I always show either the first type of tag and hide the second, or I hide the first type of tag and show the second.
(I don't' know if this is relevant, but I happen to be tweaking my paragraph's default font by using Spread 15% and Stretch 66.3%.  I'm sure that this is what bloats my pdf size, but that's a different issue.)
David Alt
Contract Technical Writer
510 . 587 . 7041

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