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Re: Documented variables for use in TOC?

> I generated a TOC file in a book.  All the entries have formatting
> <$paratext><$pagenum>
> Now I want to change paratext to
> a variable that has both paragraph numbering and paragraph
> text (it's a paragraph heading).  I thought this would be
> in the online documentation under TOC, but not as far as
> I can find.  It's also not under variables.

They're not called variables, they're called "building blocks".
The help page is called "Editing special text flows for lists and indexes".
See the index of the help/manual. The "<$...>" building blocks are
also listed at the start of the index.

> I even assumed
> that the variable names would be the same as those for
> cross referencing, so I used
> <$paranum><$paratext>......<$pagenum>
> Well, it doesn't seem to work, ...
> Unless there's something really obvious that I'm missing here.

You've used the correct building blocks.
The obvious thing you may be missing is that you need to
re-generate the TOC when you edit the contents of the *TOC
paragraphs on the TOC reference page in the TOC file.
Or, you're editing the wrong paragraphs on the wrong page.

Only changes to the paragraph formatting made in the Paragraph
Designer will have an immediate effect on the already generated
TOC, if you click Update All. All other changes to the *TOC
paragraph definitions require a Book Update.

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