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Re: FM7 & AI .eps files

Preview header in color is obviously better if your artwork
is in color.

The compatibility level is the PostScript language level I
cited below.

CMYK? If your artwork is RGB color and you want to convert it,
yes, this makes sense. If not, ignore.

Where did you see "dithering problems" ... in FrameMaker's
display of the EPS file or in the printed output? Remember
that (1) what you see in FrameMaker is a low resolution preview
header and (2) unless you print to a PostScript printer (or
create PDF implicitly or explicitly via the Distiller), all
that will "print" will be that low resolution preview header.

If in fact you are printing to PostScript and what you
are getting is a large "screening" of the output, you need
to check the artwork in Illustrator and make sure you aren't
setting screening information for the illustration.

        - Dov

At 6/2/2003 12:33 PM, Mary_Hall_Sheahan@fla-whq.com wrote:

>Header check...had one in b&W.
>Preview...check...had it "opaque" ..
>Include fonts... check...I've seen email from people having problems when
>they didn't...
>What about compatibility level and CMYK?  My initial attempts have serious
>dithering problems where there is supposed to be solid 20% gray.  (almost a
>quilt pattern.)


>Dov Isaacs <isaacs@adobe.com> on 06/02/2003 03:42:40 PM
>You NEED a preview header and all fonts embedded. If you
>are creating PDF from the FrameMaker document, you
>should use PostScript Language Level 3 and binary
>        - Dov (@ PDF Conference, Bethesda, MD)
>At 6/2/2003 12:18 PM, Mary_Hall_Sheahan@fla-whq.com wrote:
>>At the repeated suggestion of members of this list, I am running a trial
>>using .eps files in a FM7 document.
>>When saving as eps from Adobe Illustrator, what EPS format options are
>>Thank you,

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