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Re: Acrobat 6 Professional


One reasons that may persist for ZIPping a PDF is that some email tools and
transfer modes may corrupt PDF files when sent from Macintosh to PC users.
ZIP seems to protect the files from this corruption. I recall reading
somewhere today that apparently sometimes two copies of a PDF file are sent,
one of which is visible, one hidden, one is corrupt, one OK.

> For FrameMaker users, Acrobat 6 and PDF 1.5 do offer some advantages.
> These are primarily in the areas of images and image compression.
> PDF 1.5 has a JPEG 2000 image compression option which gives better
> compression than old-style JPEG without the artifacts. There is also
> an option for PDF file compression that yields file size results that
> obviates any remaining reason to ZIP or StuffIt compress PDF files
> for any space savings. (Prior to PDF 1.5, a ZIP compression of a
> PDF file would typically save about 20 to 25%. That savings no
> longer exists. Compression is built-in.) However, until more widely
> accepted (i.e., more users with Adobe Reader 6) on their desktop,
> you probably won't want to create PDF 1.5 for distribution.


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