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RE: Problem importing wmf files

GIF files are typically low resolution raster images limited
to 256 distinct colors. They may display well in FrameMaker
and maybe even on screen in a PDF. But with any scaling and/or
rotation and in many cases for printing, GIF images look
lousy, especially for any objects in same that were originally
text or vector graphics.

The extra work, as ugly as it may be, is well worth it.
When they work, live OLE links may also be used.

        - Dov

At 5/27/2003 10:43 AM, Gresham, Kathleen 000 wrote:
>Dov & everyone
>I have always just saved Visio drawings as Graphic Interchange Format (.GIF) files. I have never had a problem importing them into FrameMaker and later saving the FM doc as a PDF file. 
>My preference would be just to do all the drawings in FrameMaker, so they remain editable, but I often work with people who have only Visio.
>GIF files are small, and they seem to reproduce well. I guess I'm missing something here. Why would you go through all those extra steps (saving to PDF, converting to EPS, etc.) when you can just save the Visio file as a GIF (or JPEG, in certain circumstances...or PNG)? 
>Kathleen Gresham
>Technical Publishing Consultant

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