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Re: XREFs break when sorting a table (known issue)


I'm not sure for Frame 7 but for older versions you can manually create
hyperlink markers.

They won't disappear when sorting a table but of course this is tedious.


When I create cross-references from one table cell to another, and then sort
the table entries, the cross-references break. This is particularly
problematic when creating a glossary, since the glossary may include
frequent See and See also XREFs.

I'm aware of the technical reasons behind this problem, and that this topic
has appeared on the list several times in the last few years (as recently as
earlier this month). Is there any new information out there that might not
be covered by past posts? Any new workarounds or utilities? I remember that
Hedley Finger suggested using Enhance from Sandybrook Software. What has
your experience been with this tool?


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