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RE: FM not recognizing .fm files -- restoring File Assocation

the File Assocation assignment [of Frame to .FM files] has been lost.
to restore this, in Windows Explorer [AKA the updated FileManager], 
1. go to Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types.
2. there you will see a list [prob'ly long] of Registered File Types.
3. page down the list to the entry for "FM".
4. if no Application is associated with FM files, then you must reassign an
5. click the Advanced button, and in the Edit File Type dialog, make these
6. if there is an Action "Open" in the listbox, select it & click Edit, as
	if there is no Action "Open", then click New & create one for Open
as follows;
7. in Action field confirm or enter: Open 
8. in Application used to perform action" enter this line, exactly as typed
with the quotes!!!
	"C:\Program Files\Adobe\FrameMaker6.0\FrameMaker.exe" "%1"
9. as needed, edit the explicit pathname with the correct directory &
version no., etc.
10. fill the checkbox "Use DDE".
11. in "DDE Message" field, enter this string:
12. in "Application" field enter: frame
13. leave "DDE Application Not Running:" field blank.
14. in "Topic" field, enter: system
15. click OK.

do a similar sequence for the Action Print -- if Print is listed, Edit it,
or if not, create New entry:
16. in "Action" field enter: Print
17. in "Application used..." enter same string as above.
18. check the "Use DDE" checkbox.
19. in "DDE Message" field enter this string:
	[FileOpen("%1")] [FilePrint ()] 
20. in "Application" field, enter: frame
21. in "Topic" field enter: system
22. click OK, 
return to normal operations,
clicking an .FM file should open Frame -- as noted, you can specify which
version of Frame you want to open as the default Application, but you must
go with one ver. or the other.

All this is done automagically by reinstalling the application, but I assume
you do NOT want to go thru that exercise...


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