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Re: Frame 5.5.6: "This document's Left/Right master pages have an irr egular column layout."

I'm going to take a shot here, but I may be off the mark.


The first thing I would do is View > Master Pages on the Left/Right masters and go to each and Ctrl-Click on the text frame. Then select Graphics > Object Properties.


Once there, you can position the text frames numerically, so they will be exactly what you want.


I would also look for the dreaded-double-frame, which can happen when you were first pushing around the text frames-- where you Ctrl-Click and move the mousie at the same time (this action clones the text frame making overlapping frames--not good).


That's where I would start. Good Luck!


On Thu, 8 May 2003 18:55:38 -0400, Ed Treijs wrote:

>FrameMaker 5.5.6, WinNT.


>I get this message when I choose Format> Page Layout> Column



>The full message is:


>"This document's Left/Right master pages have an irregular

>column layout.

>Using the Column Layout command will remove this layout.  Are

>you sure you

>want to do this?"


>What exactly does this message mean, and exactly how does

>FrameMaker "remove

>this layout"?  I have looked in the 5.0 and 5.5.6 manuals I

>have on hand,

>and also have searched on the net, but haven't found an

>explanation of this

>dialog anywhere.  Clicking OK fixes a problem that has

>frustrated me for a

>few days, but I don't like blind "just do this and everything

>is fine"



>I created this template where this is happening.  The page

>width is A4

>width, 8.268".  It's designed for printing, and getting as much

>on a page as

>possible.  I set it up the Left/Right pages with 1.25" margins

>on the

>"binding" (more likely three-hole binder ring) edge, and 0.75"

>on the outer



>Well, that was the idea, and these margins are easy to set on

>the left side

>of the (Left or Right) page, but trickier on the right side

>where I

>guesstimated where 8.268"-1.25" and 8.268"-0.75" would occur.


>I figure I must have not gotten it perfectly correct, and hence


>message.  But it's unclear to me what clicking OK does exactly,

>because I

>have carefully compared the left and right master pages in a

>doc where I

>chose to remove the irregular column layout, and one where I

>did not--I

>can't see any difference!


>This is all at the tail end of some Kafkaesque troubleshooting

>(think "The



>Someone using this template reported that blank pages were

>hanging around,

>despite the "Make page count even" setting.  My initial

>suspicion that it

>had something to do with headers and footers, because fiddling

>with them

>would make the problem go away--the first time I tried.

>However, the

>problem would promply reappear.


>Finally I twigged that, when going View> Master Pages and back

>to View> Body

>Pages, I was getting the Page Layout Warning dialog, "Some body


>override their master page's layout".  When I removed

>overrides, then the

>blank pages were deleted.


>Well, okay, this is standard FrameMaker functionality.  But why

>was I

>getting these overrides?  It turned out that when new pages

>were added to

>the doc (simply by typing), those new pages automagically had


>The pattern of which pages would have overrides was strange,

>but the fact

>remained that there were overrides, so if I deleted the newly-

>typed text,

>the blank pages would not disappear on save.  (So when I was

>fooling with

>headers and footers, I thought nothing of the Page Layout

>Warning, just

>clicked Remove Overrides--and when the overrides were gone, the

>blank pages

>deleted properly.  Of course, as soon as new pages were added,

>the overrides

>were back....)


>Finally--if I remove the irregular column layout, then

>(although I don't see

>any difference) the page layout overrides disappear and the

>problem is

>licked.  That's very nice, but I'm ornery enough to wonder

>exactly why this

>nostrum is effective.


>Ed (wonder what our Frame 7 upgrade will bring) Treijs


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