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Re: Question - sorting glossary entries in FrameMaker


> This is my problem:
> Once the user guides are translated into English and Italian, we must
> the glossary entries in these languages by hand. One of us tried to put
> in a table and sort them automatically, but there is a problem: automatic
> sorting in FrameMaker eliminates the cross-reference markers we use for
> calling a definition somewhere within the guide.

Yeah, I have found that, too.  Have you looked at Enhance for FrameMaker
(<http://www.sandybrook.com/>)?  This is an outliner similar to that in
Word.  One of the things it can do is sort a selection of headings WITHOUT
putting them in a table first.  I use a GlossaryTerm para format and a
GlossaryDefinition format, expand the outline just to show GlossaryTerm
paras, and sort them.

Of course, sorting paras isn't the only reason to use this excellent
plugin.  Try restructuring documents by dragging headings around, multiple
views into the same file, promoting and demoting headings with a keystroke,
printing outlines, etc.  If you liked outlining in Word, you'll love it in
FrameMaker with Enhance.


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