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Re: PCL5 Commands in Frame Files?


This wins the prize for most “far out” posting of the millennium (so far)
on this list ...         (8^)>

(1) There is no capability whatsoever of including PCL escape sequences in
FrameMaker document files.

(2) There is no capability whatsoever of including PCL escape sequences in
PDF files.

(3) Prepress service providers and printers work with devices that input
PDF and/or PostScript, not PCL. And certainly any digital printing device
(i.e., laser printer device) used by same even if they had a PCL “emulation”
capability, would have PostScript as its primary input.

(4) The instructions provided to you are for purposes of turning an ASCII text
file into a printable PCL file or for that matter, editing a PCL file.

Bottom line is that it sounds like you are dealing with a rank amateur for a
“print vendor” who is either (a) going to run your print job on some low-end,
slow personal laser printer, (b) exceptionally “uneducated” ..., and/or (c) not
really interested in your business.

Either way, you are dealing with a lose-lose situation. Run to a different
“print vendor.”

        - Dov

At 4/30/2003 12:39 PM, Stacie Kentop wrote:
>I recently met with a print vendor in South Africa who insists that he needs me 
>to include PCL5 commands [see below] in my files before sending them to him (via 
>email in pdf or prn) in order to enable him to print with our specifications of 
>a different color "cover sheet" with white pages following.
>For example, the project might look like this:
>Page 1: Pink Cover Sheet (on-sided)
>Pages 2-28: White (double-sided)
>With local printers (Seattle, WA), I've just sent them the pdf file, with my 
>specs, and voila... it comes back correct. But even after seeing their set up in 
>South Africa, I still can't believe that the paper feed commands need to come 
>from ME.
>He is using a Solimar Print Driver (Solpcl5c.drv), which I brought back with me 
>but it doesn't allow you to choose certain paper feed trays per page, either, 
>thus he says that I need to embed the codes. His instructions are below.
>I cannot find ANY information on-line (via Adobe, Frame, HP, etc.) regarding 
>where/how I would actually do this.
>ANY help with this is extremely appreciated. We use FrameMaker 6 (soon 7) for 
>both UNIX and Windows. We are trying to print in SA for our HIV/AIDS studies in 
>that country (to save on shipping).
>Thank you in advance. Feel free to email me directly: stacie@scharp.org
>Stacie Lyn Kentop               206.667.4794 (voice)
>Technical Document Supervisor   206.667.4812 (fax)
>Statistical Ctr for HIV/AIDS    stacie@scharp.org
> Research & Prevention (SCHARP)
>Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
>1100 Fairview Ave N, MW-500
>PO Box 19024
>Seattle, WA  98109-1024
>CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This e-mail message and any attachments may be 
>confidential and privileged. If you received this message in error, please 
>destroy it and notify the sender. Thank you.
>Use the PCL5 command: esc&l#H
>where # = 
>   0 source remains unchanged
>   1 Feed paper from upper tray
>   2 Feed paper from manual input
>   3 Feed envelope from manual input
>   4 Feed paper from lower tray
>   5 Feed from paper deck
>   6 Feed envelope from optional envelope feeder
>You will need only to use codes 1 and 4 and have the application insert the
>codes into the print file at the correct points.
>Assuming you place pink paper in the upper tray and white paper in the lower
>tray, you will need to do the following:
>1. Whenever you want a pink page to print on, you place esc&l1H as the first
>bit of data on the page, followed immediately by the print data (no carriage
>2. Whenever you want a white page to print on, you place esc&l4H as the
>first bit of data on the page, followed immediately by the print data (no
>carriage returns). 
>You only need to place the paper source command on the first page that
>requires that specific paper colour. All pages that follow, will use the
>currently selected paper tray.
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