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Re: Page number formatting

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From: "Åke von Schantz" <Akevon.Schantz@iom.sorman.se>
> I'm trying to create a page number format that will print out the page
> numbers in the following manner (001, 002, 003...).

It's possible to get a page number to display and print that way,
but you cannot make the leading zeroes part of the page number
itself. That is, cross-refs, TOCs, etc. will still contain only
the actual digits of the page number (not any leading zeroes).
If you can live with that, here's how to do it:

* Choose a font for the page number that is as fixed-width and
  non-proportional as possible, i.e. all digits should have the
  same width.
* Create a separate text frame on the Master pages for the page
  number, probably vertically aligned with the rest of the page
  header/footer. The complete header/footer may look like it's
  a single entity, but the page number must be in its own frame.
* In the text frame, insert a right-aligned paragraph containing
  2 or more zeroes, immediately followed by the page number
  variable. Like this: "00#".
* Resize the text frame to the left so that there is enough room
  for your highest page number plus the entered leading zeroes.
  In your case, it should be 5 digits wide, with the "00#" part
  right-aligned and therefore a blank space in the left part
  enough to hold two more digits.
* Place a graphic rectangle over the left part of the text frame
  with no border and a white fill, so that it just covers the left
  part but not the "00#" part.

It seems like a lot of set-up, but it's quite easy.
When the page number increases, it pushes the extra initial zeroes
to the left, which are then hidden by the white rectangle.
For instance: "0037" where the white rectangle covers the first
zero, leaving only "037" displayed.

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Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Writer, Uppsala, Sweden
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