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Re: [HATT] Re: Online Help: OmniHelp

Allen Schaaf:

> It would be useful to have classification parameters involved as well, such 
> as "noun," "verb," or "adjective" to delimit context.
> The whole subject-verb-object model that we write in is not an easy thing 
> to create a search for but is what is needed if it is combined with a 
> synonym/associative listing as well.
> Yes, this takes more effort to build your search, but it is much more 
> likely to return real, useable results.

More effort, indeed. First, someone would need to either parse the text to be 
searched, or develop a parser that could do it automatically. The second 
remains a distant dream. Any volunteers for parsing a 500-page manual?

Michael Lewis

Brandle Pty Limited, Sydney, Australia

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