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Re: powerpoint files


Your advice with regards to PowerPoint into FrameMaker
via EPS saved from Acrobat is absolutely correct. I might
add that one should be very careful when choosing EPS
"save" options in Acrobat. Be sure to embed fonts and
request an opaque TIFF preview. Language level 3 should
be used if subsequently producing PDF from the FrameMaker
document or if printing to PostScript 3 devices.

With regards to PowerPoint's text output, it is "as designed"
by Microsoft. PowerPoint totally and utterly ignores any and
all pair kerning information in the font, having no options
for enabling of pair kerning and/or tracking. The workaround
is to use some other tool for creation of presentations if
you want fine typography (fine graphics, ...)!

        - Dov

At 12/20/2002 08:44 AM, Sean Brierley wrote:
>Save the PowerPoint files as PDF using Adobe Acrobat.
>Make sure you embed your fonts.
>Save the resulting PDF as EPS.
>Import the EPS into FrameMaker one at a time.
>As a side note, I have never been happy with font
>output from PowerPoint--the tracking and kerning is
>sometimes toast. Thoughts?

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