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Re: FrameMaker and Acrobat Distiller experts, please help!

  The quickest way is (usually, YMMV) to generate the book one or more 
extra times before distilling again.

You can generate a list of references based on paragraph numbers of all 
the paratags, and find the offenders that way, but it is long and 

Much easier is to use a linkchecker such as the ARTS Link Checker 
plug-in (aroundtablesolution.com) on the resulting PDF, and then go back 
and fix the FM document from the error detected by this tool. See also 
Shlomo Perets's excellent article (in microtype.com) on the subject of 
non-defined names.

Shlomo said, in previous messages on the subject:

 >>>A PDF named destination (usually inserted automatically by FrameMaker)
is referenced as the target of a link or a bookmark yet it is not defined.

This happens as a result of a FrameMaker bug. If you are using FM 6.0,
make sure to have Create Named Destinations for All Paragraphs turned On
(PDF Setup, Links tab). If this is not the case or it does not help,
restart FrameMaker and Generate/Update your book, and then recreate
the PS file.

(I assume you print the entire document to a PS file.
FrameMaker produces bookmarks for the entire document even when
you print a page range, which can also result in missing destinations.)

and then:

 >>>Unless you actually specified multiple copies in the Print dialog box,
this is related to a FrameMaker bug, present in all versions - FrameMaker
writes the same single destination/marker a number of times.

This problem can be usually ignored; the first destination defined is 
over to the PDF, the rest are ignored and have no presence in the PDF.
In many cases, recreating the PS file, after restarting FrameMaker and/or
using a Generate/Update book, will cause the "problem" to go away.

[ Regardless of this message, using a PDF Link Checking utility is
recommended to verify all interactive features. ]



Sergiy Candell wrote:

>It probably has to do with invalid links. I have had a similar issue
>when creating pdf from frame.
>I had to go back to frame files to redo manually all the
>cross-references that created those invalid links in pdf. I did not find
>any more automated way to correct this problem.
>Check the links on the pages shown.
>Sergiy Candell
>Technical Publications Consultant
>Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
>San Jose, CA
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Joanne [mailto:joanne.eglash@starfish.com] 
>Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 4:10 PM
>To: framers@omsys.com
>Subject: FrameMaker and Acrobat Distiller experts, please help!
>I'm working with FrameMaker 6.0 and Acrobat Distiller 4.05.   I create
>.ps file in FM, then open the .ps file in Acrobat Distiller to create
>pdf.   It looks as if it is processing nicely, and then at the very end
>the log messages, I get this:
>%%[Page: 29]%%
>%%[Page: 30]%%
>%%[Page: 31]%%
>%%[Page: 32]%%
>%%[Page: 33]%%
>%%[Page: 34]%%
>%%[Page: 35]%%
>%%[Page: 36]%%
>%%[Page: 37]%%
>%%[Page: 38]%%
>%%[Page: 39]%%
>Processing epilogue.ps...
>Done processing epilogue.ps.
>% [ Warning: The following Names in Name Tree Dests were not defined ] %
>       I6.1.509739
>Distill Time: 83 seconds (00:01:23)
>**** End of Job ****
>When I look at the pdf, though, it all looks fine.   What is causing
>warning message?  How do I solve it?  And do I need to look for
>something wrong in the pdf?
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